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July 2013



pre-fall pre-love

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Black is the new Black


Yeah, I like sundresses and sandals but I loathe bikinis and would prefer a cozy sweater and a sleek pair of leather leggings over any gauzy top or white flare jeans. I am seriously looking forward to Fall, and am starting to pick out some transitional pieces for when it’s still warm. (side note: in South Louisiana, we have about 2 weeks of bitter cold then it’s back to the sweaty-ass humidity). I’ll never, ever break up with black. I went there and I never came back. Little touches of white here and there keep it light and a little feline action keeps it crazy (as if I really need that).

1. catherine malandrino

2. bb dakota

3. habitual

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June 2013



popp, lock and drop it

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It is no big secret that the only disappointing part about finally finishing school was that I would no longer be able to buy school supplies each semester (my favorite spanish phrase is materiales escolares). I sat on that sad thought for a few days until I realized the void created by lack of school supplies was easily filled by the shiny, new, mature world of office supplies. Enter Poppin.

Poppin changed the game. No longer do I have to settle for one of two options when it comes to stapler choices (maroon or black, ugh). I can now drive myself crazy trying to decide between white, yellow, orange, red, pink, lime green, aqua, pool blue, purple or black. And staplers, people, are just the tip of the iceberg.

After a few sleepless nights and several days traipsing around the Poppin site, I decided on yellow. It’s the color of LSU and (kind of) the Saints, and it’s pretty darn cheery. I also think yellow looks good with a lot of other colors that might find their way to my desk.

Here’s what I went with. I was really tempted to get the file cabinet, but I currently have zero files.

yellow desktop set 2

The Desktop Set

yellow desktop set

The Desktop Stack

tape dispensor

The Tape Dispensor

yellow folio

The Folio


The Stapler

bits n bobs

The Bits & Bobs Tray

The Scissor

The Scissor


The Ruler

spiral notebook

The Spiral Notebook

bottle opener

The Bottle Opener


Obviously the bottle opener was a must have for surprise celebrations or a rough Monday morning that calls for wine.

I received two Poppin orders (one as a graduation gift from my awesome aunt, and another I had bought myself to complete the set). Both times, the packaging was perfect. It was cheeky and cute and had instructions on how to make things like paper planes out of the papers and boxes. To make a good thing great, I got a handwritten thank you note from a Poppin employee a few weeks after receiving my goods. I am impressed. And I’ll be Poppin everything (including bottles) for years to come with this rad officewear.